Mobiltechlifts ML2 Delivers Compact Lifting Strength

Discover heavy lifting capacity in a small footprint with the ML2 range from Mobiltechlifts. Coming in two models, 5520 and 6520, the ML2 impresses with a loading capacity of up to 200kg and reaches a maximum height of 6.5m. Its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint of 2.4 by 2.4m make it the best choice for smaller events and loading requirements that are not overly demanding.


  • Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability
  • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction
  • Integrated wheels with brakes for added safety
  • Bubble level for convenient levelling
  • Plastic cushions on the lift’s body prevent damage to the mast
  • Manual winch
  • Height indicator
  • Top mast attachment points
  • Secondary locking mechanism
  • Optional winch cover
  • Manual screw for reducing mast movement and adding additional safety
  • DGUV-17
  • TUV Nord Certified


Model 5520

Load: 200 kg

Weight: 115 kg

Max. Height: 5.5m

Min. Height: 1.77m

Footprint: 2.4m by 2.4m


Model 6520

Load: 200 kg

Weight: 126 kg

Max. Height: 6.5m

Min. Height: 1.82m

Footprint: 2.4m by 2.4m