Midas Consoles sounds out Symphony X’s Tour

Midas Consoles has powered the sound for Symphony X’s North American tour, expertly managed by FOH engineer, Alexi Keito.

For the North American leg of the tour, Keito relied on his trusted Midas set-up. He utilised the M32R LIVE for FOH, connected to a DL32 on stage, and an M32C on monitors that he wirelessly controlled from FOH using the M32 Edit app for real-time adjustments during shows.

Emphasising his loyalty to the brand, he commented: “Going with Midas was my only and absolute choice since I’ve been a Midas guy forever”.

He further highlighted the versatility and portability of his setup: “Being able to bring my own setup on any given budget without sacrificing quality is a huge plus,” Keito noted. “And, of course, portability. Being able to fly my setup around with the smallest number of bags and cases is also very important.”

The Klark Teknik DN32 LIVE card for the M32C on stage allows for USB inputs and simultaneous recording of 32 tracks on SD cards, with additional processing via plugins on his MacBook. At FOH, he used a similar setup for recording and further processing, with the Klark Teknik DN32 WSG card for more demanding tasks. He remarked, “This setup has been working flawlessly for me during my last tours, providing complete independence between monitor and FOH mixing while recording the show for further use and virtual soundcheck.”

“What the Midas motto says is true,” he concluded, “Nothing sounds like it.”