MIDAS expands Heritage-D series with HD96-AIR

MIDAS has launched its HD96-AIR, an addition to the Heritage-D series. 

Midas HD96-AIR is equipped with a capability of up to 144 simultaneous input channels and a 96kHz sample rate, it houses 123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses, which provides sound engineers with control and precision as well as a fader bay companion (HD96-FB16), It has 8 XLR Inputs and Outputs featuring Midas microphone preamplifiers.

Midas HD96-AIR debuted at this year’s ISE Trade show. The HD96-AIR has also achieved an award-winning status after it won this year’s Best of Show awards at ISE 2024 in the Mix category.

The latest addition to the Heritage-D series offers features usually reserved for the larger consoles such as dual redundant power supplies, snakes, and two built-in format converter slots it offers a multi-gesture touchscreen user interface. This console blends the legacy of the Heritage D Series with technology, delivering audio quality and versatility.