Mid South Audio Expands with STM Series

Mid South Audio has made a major investment in NEXO’s STM Series modular line array, ordering 98 cabinets in the largest single audio purchase in the company’s history.

“We made the decision about a year ago that we needed to add a new line array to our inventory,” said Kevin Short, Director of Business Development, Mid South Audio. “We had been cross renting, and with our business growing, it was time to expand our inventory.”

Short said the company started looking closely at 5 line array manufacturers, receiving live demos and listening to all 5 rigs. “We were given the opportunity to demo the rigs on gigs before we narrowed the decision down to 2. This was going to be the largest single audio purchase in our company’s 29-year history, so we were really serious about what we wanted to come away with. The sound of the system was our number 1 criteria, as well as asking if it was rider-friendly. We were also looking for flexibility in rigging and easy deployment in multiple configurations.”

Taking it a step further, Short noted that they interviewed 40 production managers for various touring acts. “After we had narrowed our selection down to 2 line arrays, we re-interviewed the production managers, most had experience with NEXO systems, and 28 already had NEXO on their riders. The production managers took our request very seriously, analyzing what they used on the road, and examining the nuts and bolts of using the system by those who were running into NEXO STM on the road.”

From a rental perspective, the NEXO STM line array offers flexibility, sonic excellence, and increased output for its customers. “There’s a unique return on investment with a scalable and modular system like the STM,” said Short. “It’s simple to use, and, like a Lego system, we can configure it the way we want, for example, breaking it into 4 systems for 4 separate gigs or corporate events. Of course, sound quality was a huge factor, and although cost is always a consideration, there are different requirements for the various line array systems, but the financial difference between the 2 systems we were considering didn’t play a big role.

“The customer service provided by Yamaha is stellar and our long relationship has now extended through to NEXO. The company is responsive to every question and went the extra mile. We have to support our customers, so we need the backbone of the manufacturer supporting us.”

Mid South Audio has expanded beyond their local market and now provide audio production in regional and national markets. “There aren’t a lot of NEXO rigs in this part of the country, so that factored into our decision as well,” said Short.

The Mid South NEXO STM 98-box system includes M28 and M46 main cabinets, B112 bass modules, RS subbass, and 9 NUAR amp racks. The system is already being put to good use just completing Gullfest at Salisbury (Maryland) University featuring Kid Ink, Travis Porter, and The White Panda, with upcoming gigs in Nashville and South Carolina.