Meyer Sound on the Road with The Lumineers

Currently touring the world in support of their new album, The Lumineers have been playing larger venues than ever before, supported by a Meyer Sound LEO Family system from Sound Image.

Josh Osmond, the band’s FOH Engineer and System Designer, said it has been a smooth transition from a smaller LEO Family rig used on earlier tour legs. “In arenas, I mix from nearly 130 feet from the stage, yet I still get the same clarity and presence as if I were 90 feet away,” he commented.

The Lumineers now fill amphitheatres and arenas, but their live show is rooted in where they came from: playing small houses in the Denver music scene. “When they came to the bigger stuff they still wanted that [smaller] feel,” said Monitor Engineer Brad Galvin. As a solution, they devised a B-stage located in the middle of the audience at each large venue, where they could get up close and personal for a few songs mid-show.

The complete system includes 10 LEO over eight LYON per side for main hangs, 14 LYON per side for down stage side hangs, 14 LEOPARD per side for upstage side hangs, 32 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements, six LEOPARD for front fills, and a Galileo loudspeaker management system.