Megaforce Builds Replica of Woodstock Stage at Das Fest

Woodstock-Feeling in miniature and at the "Fest" in Karlsruhe with the patented Megaforce stage (Photos: Megaforce/Jürgen Schurr)

Megaforce has a new member in its stage family: a replica of the legendary Woodstock stage. The idea to rebuild the mother of all festival stages was born during the Woodstock exhibition in Karlsruhe. A smaller version of the original stage from the 1969 festival was to be used at the city’s own festival, Das Fest. The challenge for the Megaforce team was to create a replica of the unforgettable festival stage.

For the re-awakening of the Woodstock feeling, Megaforce constructed a tower stage with a space requirement of 27.5 x 10 metres, consisting of yellow steel in the Woodstock look with a roof that is completely open. For this, the Megaforce construction team developed a free-floating traverse roof made of wood and metal with beige canvas.

The Woodstock stage from Megaforce has a performance area of 10 x 6 metres with a clearance height of six metres. The two scaffolding towers made of yellow Layher steel combined with the characteristic wood look of the Woodstock stage floor and the matching support elements of the roof provide an authentic Woodstock feeling. The two scaffolding towers are each designed for a load capacity of 750 kilograms.

Like the original, the free-floating roof hangs on two steel pillars connected by a steel cable construction. This combination of wood, metal and canvas sets an additional accent and brings music history to life.

The new member of the Megaforce stage family was in the spotlight for the first time at the “Fest” in Karlsruhe as intended. The successful combination of functionality and installation captivated the audience at the Baden Woodstöckle near the model boat lake and took them on a journey into music history – 50 years after the legendary rock festival in the USA.

A journey that can be repeated. A six-man team needs one and a half days to set up the tower stage that recounts the history of music, and only one day to dismantle it. Transport required two articulated lorries.