Martin MAC Allure Profile Now Shipping in the UK

Sound Technology Ltd, Distributor of Martin by HARMAN in the UK, has announced that the new Martin MAC Allure Profile is now in stock and shipping in the UK.

The MAC Allure Profile features a novel RGBW light engine with unique 7-segmented beam control. With instant colour control and pixelated beam, the MAC Allure Profile enables dynamic projection and mid-air effects previously not possible. The proprietary light engine sets new standards in compactness and efficiency, previously associated with larger, costlier fixtures.

On top of DMX, Art-Net and sACN, the MAC Allure Profile can be controlled via P3. This allows a rig of multiple fixtures to deliver a cohesive look that blends with video content on panels or creative LED products. With this system, there is only a single data feed to the product and the operator can switch between normal lighting and P3 control and even crossfade between the two.

With an all solid-state colour mixing system, instant colour and intensity response, 7-pixel beam technology, P3 control, and calibrated colours, the MAC Allure Profile is made for pixel mapping. The colour palette can also be set to fully match the colour space of any other P3-driven product in the rig, allowing the MAC Allure Profile to fit in seamlessly for perfect colour matching looks. With P3 control on board, you no longer have to worry about counting fixtures, DMX universes and channels and can spend your efforts on the exciting and creative side of the production.

The RGBW system delivers very vibrant colours with a brightness only expected from much bigger fixtures. The colour calibrated system excels on subtle pastels and white tones making any MAC Allure Profile in the rig match the colour point when they must.

The MAC Allure Profile LED drivers runs the light engine at high and precise refresh rates securing that there is no flicker or banding on any broadcast application. And, the refresh rate can be adjusted if cameras are possibly tweaked away from common settings.