Martin ELP Series LED Now Shipping in the UK

Martin ELP fixtures are available in two versions: ELP WW (Warm White) offers industry-leading colour rendering and brightness, while ELP CL (Colour) delivers rich, saturated colours and class-leading output.

ELP fixtures feature industry-first advances in lighting functionality, including the highly efficient gear-based Fine Focus adjustment knob, and the Fast Focus feature which allows the fixture to be focused without data flow.

The ELP WW delivers 7,000 lumens of output and an industry-leading 97 CRI at 3000K colour temperature, for the truest colour representation on any surface. The ELP CL fixture offers an impressive 6,900 lumens and a CRI of 85 in High Output mode, and 5,900 lumens and 90 CRI in High Quality mode, with a colour temperature of 6,000K (open white). Both models offer flicker-free operation for consistent light output—on and off camera.

ELP combines legendary Martin quality with a suite of next-generation features to deliver new levels of performance, functionality and ease-of-use. Innovative gear-driven Fine Focus adjustment allows for precise, nuanced control, and enables users to lock focus exactly where they want it, instantly.

The innovative Fast Focus feature brings the fixture to full output for 60 seconds enabling users to focus the fixture during set up without data. Halation Colour correction removes atypical blue and brown halos when using Martin lens tubes. ELP fixtures also offer 16-bit dimming with four selectable curves. Additionally, tilt knobs are placed out of the way of framing shutters, to allow quick, easy position adjustments.

ELP fixtures can be configured with one of four Martin lens tubes in 19, 26, 36 and 50-degree beam angles. Compatibility with third-party lens tubes, gel frames and gobos make ELP fixtures highly flexible and allow for seamless integration with existing rigs.