Martin Audio reveals third addition to iKON Series

Martin Audio has announced the introduction of iK41, a four-channel power amplifier. 

The iK41 combines density with accurate audio performance, DSP and network control, and is designed as a controller amplifier for Martin Audio WPM optimised line arrays, TORUS 8 constant curvature loudspeakers, as well as multi-channel amplification for select Martin Audio loudspeakers.

This latest iKON amplifier can deliver a full 1,500 watts per channel into 4Ω, reduces the energy drawn from the mains supply and ensures the power reserves needed to deliver sound under arduous conditions.

Ethernet is used for system remote control and monitoring via Martin Audio’s VU-NET software application, while a user-friendly front panel interface allows full local control of all features. Dante digital audio network inputs are also provided for digital audio distribution and control.

DSP is integrated into the iK41 to provide a multitude of features that ensure the performance of select loudspeaker systems. It also provides up to 1000 FIR filter taps at 48kHz on each output channel, which is essential to implement DISPLAY’s wide bandwidth optimisation process in WPM line array systems.

The iK41 employed protection functions to maintain safe operating conditions of both the amplifier and the loudspeakers driven—including a loudspeaker limiter suite which incorporated peak, RMS and excursion limiting, as well as multiband limiting for passive 2-way systems.

Dom Harter, Managing Director, commented, “The success of iKON amplifiers has been undeniable and with this less expensive model being introduced it will allow for more efficient installations of WPM, TORUS 8 and FlexPoint systems. While we expect rental partners to continue their inventory of iK42, we also expect that some will see the benefit of holding additional iK41 inventory for their smaller events.”