Mario Moro Flores lights Banda MS with CHAUVET Professional

LD Mario More Flores selects a rig featuring over 200 CHAUVET Professional fixtures for Banda MS' show at Arena Monterrey

The uncanny ability of Banda MS to touch audiences was on full display when the chart-topping band appeared at Arena Monterrey, supported note-for-note by a dynamic lighting design created by Mario More Flores.

Helping Flores work his magic was a lighting rig featuring over 200 CHAUVET Professional fixtures supplied by Víctor “Chacho” Gutiérrez and his team at Proaudio del Norte. Included in this power-packed collection of fixtures were 32 Maverick Storm 4 Profile units. With an output of 60,000 lumens, the powerful profile unit, which features a 180mm front lens, razor sharp shutter framing, and 8.5:1 zoom, had no difficulty filling the 18,000-capacity venue with bright and vividly bold looks.

Joining the profiles in the rig were 80 ÉPIX Strip IP units, 20 Maverick MK3 Washes, 24 Color STRIKE M motorized strobes, 24 Rogue R2 Washes and 24 STRIKE 4 multi formatted fixtures.

Mario Moro Flores availed himself of all the features offered by the Maverick Storm 4 Profile and other fixtures when creating his 360-degree design, flooding every corner of the stage with colour, and creating eye candy with his pixel mapped LED bars, colourful washes, and blinders. All these fixtures framed the presentation of Banda MS, increasing the energy of the various emotions that the attendees experienced throughout the concert.

Chacho who has added a large number of CHAUVET Professional equipment to his inventory over the last few years was very pleased with the results. “The brand because it integrates extraordinary high-performance, high-quality products,” he commented.