Maestra London is Launched

Dubai-based event production specialist Maestra announces the launch of a new independently owned London venture, which will be headed by Justin Hammond.

Maestra London has a new office and warehouse premises at the high-profile riverside Royal Arsenal development and has made an initial £500,000 investment in new technology, which has included the purchase of premium brand audio and video equipment.

A full-time staff of 10, plus Hammond makes the company immediately operational from 4 January 2016, with further equipment and personnel to be announced.

Maestra London will further embrace, develop and expand the imaginative flair and high production values that has characterised Maestra Dubai.

Combined with the resources of the Dubai office, headed by Thomas Clements, this will establish Maestra as an international creative production resource based in two vibrant international cities, with a reach that facilitates work across Europe and the Middle East.

Clements commented: “Justin’s vast experience in designing and producing innovative shows is invaluable, together with his extensive contacts and great communication skills, he is the perfect fit for Maestra.

“We look forward to delivering more of the very best brand experiences and live events for a greater diversity of clients.”

Apart from the strategic locations as key business hubs, Maestra London and Maestra Dubai will benefit from the potentials of sharing staff, knowledge and resources in both regions.

Hammond has been at the helm of busy UK event production company PR Live for the last five years. He commented: “Launching Maestra London is a fantastic opportunity to offer the highest standards of international production throughout Europe and the Middle East.

“We will emphasise our people-orientated model encapsulating a friendly, personal and thorough approach to client handling whatever the size or scope of the project. We have some amazing creative talent on-board and a truly fresh and inventive approach.”

This and the latest technologies available in both Europe and the Middle East will allow Maestra London and Dubai to offer the best standards and continuity to all clients wherever their events are located.