Litec Stages at Live You Play

Nine Litec roof systems ranging from 10 x 8m to 27 x 13m were chosen by Live You Play for their event during the MIR (Music Inside Rimini) exhibition in Fiera Di Rimini, Italy. Seven roofs were provided by AMG International, one roof by Electra Service di Buttarelli R. & C. s.n.c. and the largest 27 13m MyT Folding Steroid Roof by Massimo Stage.

Live You Play is a unique concept where lighting, sound, video, rigging equipment and other entertainment technology manufacturers showcase their products with virtual and live shows on physical stages and roof systems. Visitors are then able to experience a full hands-on experience with the products, physically controlling and interacting with them. The bands performing at this year’s live events were Pop Deluxe, Roxy Bar and J Bees.

Litec has been the main support structure manufacturer for Live You Play events since the launch of their unique concept in 2014. Gianni Fantini, CEO of Live You Play commented: “I’ve collaborated with Litec for 20 years as CEO of the Italian production rental company, Joint Rent, and 3 years as CEO of Live you play. Litec has always been ready to satisfy our needs with the technology and know how necessary for providing safe and strong structures.”

The nine support structures chosen by Live You Play for this year’s event included five RL105A roof systems, three Libera FL76 roof systems, and the new MyT Folding Steroid roof system. The RL105A is a strong and sturdy roof system that makes use of rectangular, anti-torsion, high load RL105A truss and Maxitowers 52. It is especially designed for big installations with wide spans. Its 4-way sleeve block is compatible with the Libera FL105 truss range.

The FL76 roof, from Litec’s Libera series, is an open structural system that uses FL76 star truss and MT52 towers. The Libera system is the right choice for large grids and complex installations, enabling you to build different dimensioned roofs with a high distribution of lifting points. The Libera series is extremely versatile and easy to construct.

The MyT Folding Steroid is a special, super heavy duty roof system that features a modular, self-contained environment. It’s a hybrid of folding EN AW-7003 T6 aluminium mother grid truss sections, 85 x 85cm EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium towers, and key structural elements in super strong S355 steel like, modular ballast bases, sleeve block and safety block. One of the key features of this roof system is its folding design that decreases each mother grid truss section from 84 x 146 cm to 31 x 146 cm – 63% reduction in width – thus reducing storage space requirements and transport costs. In fact, a single person can fold and store a single 3-metre section in less than 3 minutes. It claims a 40-ton capacity & free span capabilities of up to 35 metres with extremely low deflection.

Litec plans to continue their cooperation with Live You Play for future events and looks forward to the expansion of this unique concept to other exhibitions in surrounding European countries.

In conclusion, Fantini added: “It was perfect cooperation with Litec for this year’s event. I wish to thank Litec and Fabio Prada for all their help!”