LITEC offers Safe and Secure Support for Overhead Trussed

LITEC have released new ceiling supports to help secure overhead hanging trusses

The new LITEC LT CS029-40 ceiling support from LITEC has been designed to provide secure overhead hanging of LITEC QX30, QH30, TX30, TH30, QX40, QH40 & RH40 Standard end plated truss series’ and LITEC QL40 & RF40 Hi-load fork truss.

Due to its low headroom, extreme durability, and flexibility (can be used in the up and down position), all of the requirements are met for the overhead hanging of truss.

The bracket fully complies with DGUV 17 and DGUV ref. 215-313 for overhead loads and double safe working load coefficients.

Key benefits include; low headroom, it’s extreme durability, adaptability in both up and down positions, it’s CE certified in accordance with machine directive 2006/42/EC and it is avaliable in both natural finishing or black powder coating.