Lightware introduces new USB-C extender cables

Lightware Visual Engineering has introduces two new USB–C extender Active Optical Cables in 8m and 10m lengths – the CAB-USBC-AOC800K and the CAB-USBC-AOC1000K.

The cables are compatible with all major operating systems and support USB 3 Gen2 10Gbps ‘SuperSpeed’.  They come equipped with a Screw Lock USB-C plug that ensures a secure connection to the Lightware’s Taurus UCX universal matrix switcher and prevents accidental disconnections during operation.

Both cables also feature a two-lane DisplayPort 1.4 Alt Mode that supports high-resolution video output up to 4K30Hz@HBR2 offering a minimum 60W / 3A charging capacity allowing for fast charging of laptops, tablets, and phones.

“These cables are state-of-the-art, and provide users with the reliability, build-quality and technical parameters that make this accessory our number one choice for projects involving USB-C connectivity,” commented Tamás Kodori, Product Manager, Lightware Visual Engineering.

“When it comes to checking the quality of USB–C cables, we encourage our customers to look for a few key features,” stated Kodori. “First, make sure that the cables are certified, which ensures that they meet the highest standards for performance and safety. Second, look for versatility and that they can be used for a wide range of applications, including charging or delivering video and audio signals. Lastly, quality is critical. Our cables are made using high-quality materials and feature precision-engineered connectors that ensure a secure and stable connection, which is precisely what the industry needs as it turns to USB-C increasingly to push the boundaries on AV installs.”