Leisuretec Supply The Adventures of Pinocchio

Following the success of their last show, A Christmas Carol, Voice of the Show were back in 2017 with the production of The Adventures of Pinocchio. David Mansell directed and adapted the tale into a family performance.

The Little Theatre by the Park in Chesham played home to the production for 19 shows throughout December 2017, boasting West End worthy lighting designs and a small but talented cast. At the heart of the lighting rig were 4 Chauvet Professional DJ Intimidator hybrids, 6 Q-Wash 436Zs, 4 Rogue R2 Spots and 8 ETC Source 4 Junior fixtures that were evenly positioned around the circular stage. Both Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spots and DJ Intimidator hybrids were chosen for their versatility and together created a variety of looks on stage.

“As the R2 Spots have 2 colour wheels, the possible combinations are almost endless” said Andy Friedli, Lighting Designer. “By choosing to deploy the Rogue’s we were able to convey the moods of each scene easily and effectively.” In addition to the main lighting rig, an ETC Source 4 Mini was positioned downstage centre to act as a spotlight for the star of the show, Pinocchio. Created by Sam Parker (puppeteer for War Horse), Pinocchio was brought to life by 2 of his own puppeteer’s who controlled the puppet in such a way that they were almost unnoticeable.

Not only was the stage constantly endowed with colours, the performance had its fair share of lighting effects to help tell the story too. ETC Source 4 Juniors partnered with a Rosco 86675 Comedia gobo covered the stage in a stained glass window effect for Cathedral scenes and a ADJ Dotz and a Le Maitre MVS Hazer were also used to create a roaring fire effect. With this, the design created by Friedli reinforced the message of the performance and complimented both the music and cast.