Legacy Production Group expands lighting inventory

One of 12 Robert Juliat DALIS 862 units bought by Legacy Production Group. Photo: Legacy Production Group.

Legacy Production Group has taken delivery of 12 Robert Juliat DALIS 862 variable white footlights from ACT Entertainment.

ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Robert Juliat fixtures in North America. Robert Juliat’s DALIS 862 footlight incorporates 48 patented asymmetric reflectors arranged in a double row. Each row can be controlled independently offering long or short throw capacities and creating upstage or downstage lighting.

“Minneapolis is a unique market: There’s no single, big lighting house here,” noted Legacy President, Tom Gorman. “We try to keep an inventory of what we can use for our primary corporate event clients as well as what other people in town want for music, touring and theatre. I’ve been hoping to stock the DALIS 862 footlights since I first saw them – they’re an amazing, cool and unique piece of equipment. When we did our first social media post announcing that we had the DALIS 862s we heard from a lot of people who told us they were very glad they were now available in Minneapolis.”

Gorman points out that with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating virtual and hybrid production many corporate clients are now using cameras to record events for streaming or online access. So the need to light for broadcast has increased.

“The DALIS footlights are very good for that,” he said. “The footlights can add dimensionality to a set without washing out LED video wall backdrops or projection. They’re great for chin lights instead of the old conventional strip lights. And when you put on live high-end corporate shows the fixtures really enrich the stage wash and add a nice glow.”

Another feature Gorman appreciated was the ability: “To separate the two rows of lights in the footlights so I can control the top or bottom row independently. If talent is standing close to the edge of the stage I can turn on just the top strip. If someone is standing back from the stage I can turn on just the bottom, or I can mix both. I love that flexibility – the fixture doesn’t wash out the stage with white light but lights the areas you designate and makes the set pop.”

Gorman said that ACT Entertainment helpfully provided Legacy with DALIS 862 demo units, “Which we loved more each time we used them. We placed our initial order for 12 and definitely plan to get more by this fall since our calendar is starting to fill up.”

Gorman says that Legacy hoped “To stock a robust inventory of DALIS 862s. We’ve done our fair share of Netflix specials and are excited to be able to offer the fixtures to lighting designers coming in from NY and LA. Once people see what the DALIS 862 can do the lights will sell themselves – they’ll be requested for every show.”