LD Systems presents MON G3 Series stage monitors

LD Systems presents its new MON G3 Series. The MON G3 Series includes four models in the sizes 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″.

In the development of the new MON G3 Series, LD Systems was guided by the features and functions of high-priced stage monitors that are used at large events and on tours. Thus, the MON G3 models are based on a newly developed combination of woofer and titanium tweeter in a compact coaxial design. In addition, the integrated CD horn, with its optimised dispersion pattern of 50° by 90°, ensures a separated sound image as soon as several monitors with different monitor mixes are used on stage.

The MON G3 Series is driven by a Class D power amplifier with 300W RMS and up to 1,200 W peak power, which means that the stage monitors can assert themselves. The MON G3 models operate without a fan and are thus also suitable for noise-sensitive use at lectures, panel discussions or unplugged gigs.

The new second-generation DynX DSP offers users a wide range of customisation options. The sound of the stage monitor can be adjusted to different monitor setups and stage requirements via a three-band EQ, four EQ presets, a notch filter, and a delay function. On the connection side, there are PowerCon-compatible mains sockets (in/out), two line inputs with XLR jack combo socket, and two XLR Thru outputs for the loop connection of additional monitors.

The MON G3 Series is rounded off by a polyurea coating, a speaker grille and a 36 mm flange on the side for vertical use as a PA speaker on a speaker stand. For the latter, all MON G3 models offer a standalone full-range mode as a selectable DSP preset.

The new LD Systems MON G3 Series is available now.