Lantern Festival Takes Midas to Leeds, Birmingham & London

Midas will power Weli Creative’s Magical Lantern Festival in three cities this winter after the launch event, a riot of colour and creativity at Chiswick House, London in February / March, attracted more than 110,000 people.

The Magical Lantern Festival hits Roundhay Park, Leeds and Birmingham Botanical Gardens from 25 November to 2 January, and Midas generators will provide for 40,000 bulbs at each, illuminating a trail of spectacular handmade lanterns. The displays then combine for a return to the capital ahead of Chinese New Year.

Ian Xiang, the festival’s co-founder and Creative Director, said: ““Most of the lanterns are actually made in my hometown, so it makes me incredibly proud to see them come all this way across to the UK. This festival will show many people something they’ve never seen or experienced before. It has the potential to increase understanding of Chinese culture here in a way that is entertaining and, importantly, it can be experienced as a family.”

David Nobile, Midas’ Managing Director, commented: “Roundhay Park and the Botanical Gardens are very different spaces from Chiswick House, but the power principle is the same, tune in, turn on and leave no trace. It’s great to see venturesome events like these thriving out of the traditional season and it’s a pleasure to be involved.”