Lady Antebellum Look Good with Claypaky Mythos2

Country trio, Lady Antebellum, span the globe on their You Look Good tour of arenas and amphitheatres accompanied by Claypaky Mythos2 fixtures.

Production Designers, Sooner Routhier and Robert Long, used 40 Claypaky Mythos2 fixtures, supplied by Upstaging, to help light their very contemporary set composed of plexiglass boxes.

“The top portion of the boxes is frosted and the bottom is clear, when you look at the set as a whole from front there appears to be a shallow ‘A’ shape. There are also mirror pieces in the ‘A’ shape that pops into the square archways of the set.

“The combination of modern materials required a fixture that was able to wash the set in colour as well as bounce beams off of mirror for various effects. The Mythos2 was the perfect fit for this purpose. We were able to get some amazing laser beam effects while also saturating the set in light,” Routhier explained.

The fixtures were placed at the base of every support column shooting up at the boxy plexiglass supports, including a line of Mythos2 directly behind the band.

Programmer and Associate Lighting Designer, Andre Petrus, created “an incredible bounce effect for the fixtures at the top of the encore segment of the show” during an epic rendition of Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight,” reflected Routhier.

“As the artists are coming out onto the stage each massive drum hit is accented by bounce light from the Mythos on the mirrors. It’s the only time in the show that the particular effect is used,” she added.

Touring Lighting Director, Brent Maxon, said the Mythos2 fixtures had “been holding up on the road really well; they perform great every night.”

“We love the versatility and size of the fixtures. They have been used on all sorts of different size designs in the past several years. The optics in the fixture are incredible and allow us to create multiple different looks using the beam/spot mode as well as the frost,” Long concluded.