L-Acoustics Investment Generates Big Business for STS

L-Acoustics K2 system - The PA for the main stage at Europavox comprised 12 K2 per side flanked by eight KS28, Benjamin Vallet

French rental company STS has over 30 years of business under its belt, works around 200 shows a year and has a good stock of sound and lighting equipment. To further adapt and update STS has added a large-scale system to its inventory to complement its existing stock of L-Acoustics Kara and L-Acoustics Kiva cabinets, choosing an L-Acoustics K2 system.

STS’s Eric Potte said: “Our Kara and Kiva systems work really well for us, we use them on our own projects and also enjoy the benefits of a very healthy cross rental market. But in recent years, our business has changed a lot. L-Acoustics network policy has made it possible to attract new customers and develop business more quickly. We wanted to invest in larger-scale equipment to take advantage of the new opportunities available to us.”

The investment has paid off and since adding L-Acoustics K2 to its inventory, STS has had excellent feedback from both rental partners and customers, who like the configuration of the system and its even audio dispersion.

“The way K2 is constructed makes it suitable for both medium and large projects, which means it can be used on a regular basis at both a regional and national level,” Potte continued. “Now our customers know we have this high-performance system we can work on bigger projects and, as predicted, our business has increased.”

Two classic examples of this are STS’s involvement in the massive Printemps de Bourges festival which attracts over 200,000 people to see 200 artists play on its 13 stages each summer. And Europavox Festival, a four-day, multi-genre music festival held each summer in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand.

Potte said: “Last year, we proposed Kara for Printemps de Bourges, but this year we were able to offer K2, deploying a system that comprised 18 K2 along with eight KS28 subs. Being able to do this has confirmed the potential of K2 and opened up some great opportunities for us. We also provided both sound and light for the Europavox Festival. Using a combination of K2, KS28 and Kara, we were able to offer the best solution for the festival across an increased number of stages.”

By demonstrating the effectiveness of K2 on the festival scene, STS has proved it is a company that can satisfy the demands of large-scale festivals.

“K2 has allowed us to deliver perfect, even coverage that satisfies the technical demands of the festivals and the artists,” Potte concluded. “It was a real success and the organisers of both festivals were delighted. It’s a pleasure to be able to pass this on to our customers and we are delighted with our investment in K2.”