Kyle Kegan elates crowds on ODESZA’s The Last Goodbye Tour

Electronic dance music pioneers Odesza launched their The Last Goodbye Tour. The lighting design is by Kyle Kegan and uses a rig that includes 78 Smarty Hybrid and 26 Artiste Monet moving heads from Elation Professional.

Kegan, who has been lighting the duo since 2017, works on the design process with creative directors Luke Tanaka and Sean Kusanagi, as well as artists Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight themselves. Programming started early last year and after months in pre-vis and two weeks of tech rehearsals.

Kegan says that lighting plays a very big role in the highly dynamic show. “Lighting becomes an extension of the visual component of the show and certainly brings a large impact from helping to tell the overall visual story to just bringing the energy of the music to life. We pair these beautiful architectural moments with intricate and detailed programming that is unique to every song within the set. We build looks around the guys on stage who are also accompanied by an 8-piece drumline, horns, and guest vocalists.”

The Smarty Hybrid and Artiste Monet work with a number of hybrid lighting fixtures, LED washlights and pixel battens. A key set piece in the design is the ‘ico,’ a six-sided shape that hangs centre stage and whose form echoes out in the trusses above the stage, risers and stairs. “The Smarty Hybrid actually became a staple look in this design and we used 18 of them in the center piece,” explained Kegan. “We wanted something that had color mixing and was punchy enough to stand out. However, the biggest factor was its compact size and the ability to fit in the touring truss. We fit as many as we could in.”

“The look really stands out for our show,” Kegan commented. “We used these not only for the band’s logo at center but also for the blow-through effects behind the video wall. The beams cut through nicely and we were able to create a lot of depth to the stage and visual looks overall.” An additional element of the setup were ladders lined with Smarty Hybrids.

The Artiste Monet LED profile moving heads serve as the main source of key light on the show, used as both sidelights and low backlights. “These fixtures really cut through well and not only created some beautiful silhouettes but also created some dynamic archetypical beam looks. I’m very impressed with the overall LED aspect of the Monet and how well they can cut through when we need them to.” Additional to the rig from Elation’s Artiste series are a few Artiste Rembrandt LED wash moving heads, which work from behind the video wall as well. “They provide a nice mixed bag of different tricks from behind the wall. It’s a nice option and we love having it on the road,” commented Megan.

The lighting vendor for The Last Goodbye Tour is Volt Lites of Southern California. “Having worked with Volt over the years I have become much more familiar with Elation products and have grown to really love some of the newer fixtures that have come out. Volt has been great throughout the tour. I’ve known Matt Shimamoto for some time now, and this was the first full on tour I’ve done with them. We are excited to continue to use their services,” Kegan concluded.