KLANG:fabrik 3D Monitor Mixing System Introduces MADI Interface

KLANGfabrik with MADI Interface.
Real-time binaural and immersive spatial headphone mixes became a reality with KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier, which combine the wish for transparent and natural monitoring sound with the advantages of in-ear monitoring. Using advanced psychoacoustic research and innovative implementation, KLANG:technologies designed its in-ear and headphone mixing tools for studio, musical and live productions and was the proud winner of this year’s prestigious PLASA Gold Award for Innovation.
The recognised problem with stereo IEM is positioning all of the signals of a mix in the narrow space between the left and right ears. This is solved by placing the signals virtually around the entire head, including above and below. In addition to significantly improving natural sound and transparency, listening fatigue is dramatically reduced. 
Now, to make this next generation in-ear mixing tool available to a wider range of users, a MADI BNC interface is available for KLANG:fabrik, next to Dante and ADAT. Its switchable second MADI BNC input / output port, together with KLANG:fabrik’s flexible I/O routing matrix, offers various format conversions between ADAT, Dante and MADI in addition to the in-ear mixing functionality.
Firmware KOS 2.2 and control application KLANG:app 2.2 are being released to fully support this expansion. In addition to MADI support, the update brings a whole bunch of new features including extensive OSC integration and full 96kHz support. KOS 2.2 introduces innovative enhancements in usability and flexibility, not only for the application as a mixing tool for monitor engineers, but also and especially for the use as a personal monitoring system. KLANG:technologies operating concept addresses both experienced monitor engineers, with full control over all mixes, and also musicians and performers who can individually control their own 3D mixes.
“We are excited to be launching the MADI interface, together with KOS 2.2 and KLANG:app 2.2,” said KLANG:technologies’ founder and marketing director Dr. Pascal Dietrich. “As musicians, we understood the format and features our customers wanted and these latest developments provide those solutions. We’ve just had the opportunity to show the substantial advantages they offer at Tonmeistertagung in Cologne and I’m pleased to say they were enthusiastically received by existing users as well as musicians and engineers looking to change to the advantages of 3D IEM.”
Dietrich concluded, “With the new features in connectivity and usability, KLANG:fabrik has, without doubt, become the most advanced personal monitoring system ever. Sonic quality, ease of use, and flexibility set the bar higher for the whole industry.”
KLANG:app for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows is available to download free here – and it’s demo mode gives users the opportunity to hear and control 3D IEM mixes for themselves.