Kinetic Lasers- A New Plugin for Pangolin BEYOND


Over the past few years, the act of combing kinetic light fixtures with other types of lighting elements (such as lasers) has become a very popular effect worldwide. It’s seen being used at a variety of events, installed at venues for permanent installations, and much more.

Though controlling the fixtures together with lasers has been quite a painful process, because it usually takes a lot of time and knowledge to program the desirable effect.

Pangolin has taken these problems into consideration, and quickly began developing a solution that would make it much faster, and easier, to combine lasers with the kinetic fixtures.

After a few months of work, Pangolin’s software development team created a new plugin for BEYOND software called the “Kinetic Target” plugin. The new plugin will allow users to quickly sequence together with a laser beams position, in conjunction with the position of a moving fixture.

Using the new plugin with BEYOND, the setup process has been simplified and opens a door for external control. Since BEYOND listens to the incoming DMX / ArtNET data, users can also apply various effects to the laser beams, allowing you to create all of the different effects to make a more exciting show.