Kinesys USA Training is a Big Success

Motion control systems manufacturer Kinesys hosted a highly successful training event and open-house in its Lithia Springs, Georgia, USA facility, which was attended by over 50 people connected to the world of rigging automation and its application in the live entertainment industry.

The format included two days of technical and operator training on Kinesys products, presented by David Martin, Head of Training – Kinesys USA, which catered for a range of ability and experience levels. This was followed by two days of general ‘open-house’ product awareness sessions for potential clients, existing customers and associates. The objective was to increase familiarisation with Kinesys’ capabilities, methodology and interfaces, and to expand the pool of Kinesys trained technicians in the United States.

David Bond, Head of Sales at Kinesys USA, said: “We were extremely happy with the response and turnout. For us, this was a great opportunity to offer hands-on operational training and a chance to showcase the benefits and advantages of the Kinesys design philosophy. Based on the response, it’s something we plan to do more often”. Attendees comprised a healthy mix of beginner, intermediate and experienced freelancers, assorted rental suppliers and current Kinesys customers as well as some potential new clients and representatives from chain hoist manufacturers Columbus McKinnon Entertainment and Chain Master. Atendees travelled from various locations across the U.S. including Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona to take advantage of the training week, and were joined by those more locally based around the Atlanta area.

The curriculum covered a wide range of topics including electric motor theory, general automation, programming and the scope of Kinesys Vector control software, plus hands-on use of the Kinesys system elements with CM, Liftket, Pointman and Stagemaker hoists. Kinesys’ commitment to safety, quality and reliability – synonymous with the brand – was also explored and explained in detail. Freelance rigger Josh Hunter based in Atlanta commented: “I thought the class was great! In just two days I felt that I really had a good grasp of Vector software and the basic signal flow / components of the Kinesys system. I am definitely looking forward to taking a K2 class soon.”

Brent Armstrong of Las Vegas based rental company Alpine Rigging stated: “Every opportunity at the Kinesys shop is greeted eagerly. As my familiarity with both the staff and gear is broadened my confidence in the products soars. Particularly interesting on this was my introduction to the high speed Kinesys winches, both the R&D and diligence surrounding these product lines leaves me comfortable that when a project or opportunity presents itself. Kinesys is ideally positioned to support the endeavour.”