Kinesys Launch New Website

Leading automation manufacturer Kinesys has launched its new website. It will be a key communications hub for Kinesys clients, end-users, technicians and anyone wanting to discover more about the company and its products and services.

Several important new features include Live Chat, Support Tickets, Social Wall and Newsletter sign ups, together with thought-provoking articles, opinions, news and other sources of valuable information and technical detail. This brand new platform was created due to the growing interest and trend for automation as a visual component of shows, events, installations, venues and many other applications.

Kinesys Managing Director Dave Weatherhead stated: “Many of our customers are embracing automation for the first time, an area where there is a massive amount of information to take in plus many safety elements and standards of which to be aware. There are also plenty of rumours, hearsay and ‘perceived wisdom’ out there which is often wide of the mark. To address this, we wanted to find a way of demystifying automation and motion control and provide a forum where end users and customers can find facts and quality information to help them understand the reality – and the potential – of using automation.”

The website hosts all this content in an authoritative, easily navigable and highly accessible
portal. Additionally, it gives users and customers – via the vibrant Social Wall – a channel for highlighting to the world, all the creative and interesting ways in which Kinesys’ equipment is being used on shows and events, in venues and installations.