Kiiara Uses Elation ZCL 360i on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Kiiara made her television debut with a back-line of Elation ZCL Series lighting fixtures to support her on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Used for backdrop visuals in the form of columns of eye-catching vertical lighting effects was Elation Professional’s ZCL 360i single beam moving effect light.

“We chose to use the ZCL 360i because we needed a stand-out lighting element that had a variety of effects and one that could respond to the demanding cadence structure of the song’s tempo,” said Michael Keeling, Vice President of Entertainment at SEIBO LLC, a leading production and event company based in Palos Verdes, California.

“For those that know my design work, I like to have an illumination source that provides a simple but dominate statement,” Keeling added. “The ZCL 360i was that highlight that I was looking for to support the balance of the visual design.” SEIBO served as Line Producers and General Contractors for the show and supplied the fixtures through sub-contractor BML-Blackbird Theatrical Services. Keeling served as Creative Producer / Production Designer on the show with programming done by Brian Spett.

The ZCL 360i is a single beam moving effect with 4° to 44° zoom in Elation’s new ZCL Series of high-output ACL-type LED effect lights. With its single 90W RGBW LED multi-chip, Zooming Collimator Lens system, and homogenised 4° colour-changing beam, it is perfect for high-performance stage effect lighting and looks great on camera.

Keeling used 36 of the units for the performance, displayed in vertical array columns. “It was the real-time on-demand responsive and reset function to the unit’s pan and tilt features that I was very impressed with for this application,” he said. “It’s a great unit and I will use it again in the future.” The ZCL 360i is also capable of continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation, a dynamic feature that Keeling did not use in this application but one that adds further to the fixture’s design possibilities.