Karno unveils first wave of SEPIA Platform Partners, Modules and Host

Karno announced some of the SEPIA launch modules, accompanied by the unveiling of the platform’s first host, the L6.

Modules are developed and produced by leading manufacturers worldwide (known as Platform Partners), using their original designs and components meaning no emulation or sonic compromise.

These modules have adopted a new, smaller and more rugged form factor. Housing these modules are hosts, hosts utilise Karno’s patent-pending Bridging Signal Flow technology to ensure a purely analog signal path.

“We are proud to reveal the first wave of modules for the SEPIA platform,” said Adam Pierce, Director at Karno. “As much as SEPIA is our (Karno’s) development, it’s really all about the modules, giving well-loved brands throughout the industry a platform to reach all markets and workflows, while the engineers gain access to hardware in a way they have never experienced before”

The line-up for the first wave of 14 Platform Partners: API, Drawmer, HLabs, J-Type, Langstrath Audio, Locomo7ve Audio, Malcolm ToQ, Pope Audio, Serpent Audio, Smart Research, SPL, Thermionic Culture, Useful Arts Audio, and XTA. A comprehensive list of these Platform Partners and their modules is available on the Karno website.

Turning to the hosts, Karno announced the L6 which is designed for professional users, in Live Music, Theatre and the Studio. The L6 is housed in a compact 1U form factor holding up to 6 modules, 8 channels of audio I/O and chaining/networking capabilities (with the addition of SEPIA patch – coming soon). It features a sloped rear for efficient racking and thermal control, a redundant power supply unit for show security, and versatile control connectivity options over Ethernet and USB. Additionally, the L6 supports digital option cards for industry-standard connections such AES3, MADI, and DANTE at launch, allowing for simple insertion at both Stage and FOH environments. For those who want to work totally in the analog domain, analog output via DSUB connection will be available.

Karno’s AEQUOREA engine bridges the gap between user and module. With Graphical User Interfaces stored within each module and accepting a wide range of commands from protocols such as HUI, MIDI, EUCON and OSC, SEPIA will provide the same user experience seen across many major digital-only platforms whilst controlling genuine analog designs.

Looking at timelines, the L6 will be available for pre-order from today on Karno’s website and throughout Karno’s and their Platform Partners’ distribution networks, with prices starting at $1990 MSRP. Initially the L6 will be available in the UK, USA, EU and Australia, shipping in August 2024, with plans for a global rollout to follow. Modules will be made available by Platform Partners, with designs available for all budgets and productions, through their respective dealer channels.

“The response the SEPIA platform has received is incredible, from both Platform partners and the wider market. We’ve spoken to over 150 users in the field who have helped guide us to this point and we cannot wait to show SEPIA to many, many more,” commented Pierce.