Jova Beach Party Tours Italy with Prolights

Prolights supported Jova Beach 2019
Inspired and headlined by Italian singer, songwriter and rapper Lorenzo Cherubini (Jovanotti), the infamous travelling ‘festival village’ that is the Jova Beach Party is mid-way through its summer-long tour armed with over one hundred robust Prolights fixtures.
Jova Beach Party will welcome over 63 international acts, DJs and artists from around the world. From riviera to riviera, the main stage is set to entertain visitors from evening to night. With such a vast space available, the festival village includes children’s’ play areas, sees people sunbathing, swimming in the sea, and has frequently featured as a travelling wedding venue.


In addition to Jova Beach Party’s desire to bring people together, they also teamed up with The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in a bid to raise awareness of the environmental impact of litter on beaches. Armed with the philosophy of, ‘leaving the beach cleaner that it was found’ the Jova Beach Party continues its tour of the Italian coastline. Along with Jovanotti, the event welcomes the likes of Benni Benassi, Paradise Club, Afrotronix, Bombino, Ackeejuice Rockers and many more acts from all corners of the globe.

The Jova Beach Party commissioned over 140 IP rated Prolights ARENACOB4FC from leading Italian rental company Agorà.
When discussing the design elements of the Jova Beach Party, veteran lighting designer Paul Normandale of Lite Alternative Design commented: “there are approximately 140 Prolights ARENACOB4FC on Jova Beach Party. Chosen for their robustness and IP rating, they were by far, the brightest fixture for the environment. They also had the added benefit of being able to display macros and strobe”
“The artists are keen to see the crowd, and the Prolights ARENACOB4FC allows this in colour.”

The main stage provided the focal point of the festival which was echoed through ‘village towers’ situated down the beach. The inclusion of the high-powered Prolights ARENACOB4FC allowed the individually controllable 75W RGBW cells to deliver a consistent, powerful punch that allowed the crowd to immerse in the performance even from over one hundred metres away.