JLL gets real for Earth day

JL-Group reaffirmed its dedication to sustainability, actioning transparency surrounding their current and future commitments.

The audio-visual industry often comes with an environmental cost. Recognising this, JLL is taking concrete steps to minimise its ecological footprint and pave the way for a greener future.

“We believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental principle that guides our actions,” commented Phil McMichael, Commercial Director at JL-Group. McMichael has led the JLL team through learning about sustainability and has actioned honouring ESSA, Isla, and Albert pledges.

JLL has enacted a strategy it terms Sustainable Inventory Management, with a primary emphasis on sourcing equipment, materials and components from suppliers committed to sustainability. This strategy centres on establishing an inventory of sustainable lighting, video panels, TV/computer screens, and audio systems, alongside highly efficient video projectors, media servers, switchers, and scalers. Moreover, they have successfully transitioned from single-use wooden sets to reusable and recyclable aluminium framing systems. This strategic shift has resulted in an impressive 90% LED lighting inventory.

JLL took decisive action in 2022 by establishing a dedicated logistics company with a mission to efficiently transport their equipment to site by minimising wasted loads, thus reducing their carbon footprint and emissions.

JLL emphasised the eco-friendliness of its current premises, powered by 100% renewable energy sources such as solar panels and LED lighting, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to their older premises.

“Looking ahead, we are dedicated to establishing ambitious objectives and implementing inventive solutions to further augment our environmental performance,” commented Christian Merefield, Client Services Director at JL-Group.

Key goals for JLL include achieving carbon neutrality and offsetting unavoidable emissions wherever possible across its operations, embracing the circular economy, and continuing to focus on equipment that exhibits longevity, repairability, and recyclability, thereby minimising waste generation and promoting resource efficiency.

Merefield added, “We will continue to raise awareness about sustainability to our employees, partners, and clients, to hopefully inspire collective action!”