JLL appoints Chris Colegrove as Project Manager

JLL has announced the promotion of Chris Colegrove to the position of Project Manager, to recognise his contributions and dedication over the years.

Colegrove joined JLL back in 2018, initially serving as Warehouse Manager, where he quickly became an integral part of JLL’s operations. His journey has been marked by continuous growth and impactful achievements. Colegrove advanced to the role of Asset Manager, overseeing critical aspects of their asset management strategy.

Now, as Project Manager, Colegrove brings experience and expertise to lead complex projects and drive innovation within JLL’s organisation. Phi McMichael, JLL’s Group Commercial Director, remarked, “Chris’s journey at JLL embodies our ethos of fostering internal talent and empowering individuals to thrive. His relentless pursuit of excellence and deep understanding of our operations make him an exceptional choice for the role of Project Manager.”

When asked about his tenure at JLL, Colegrove shared, “Embracing a progressive path within a friendly team surrounded by new technology is invigorating. It’s inspiring to be in an environment that’s constantly evolving.”

Colegrove spearheaded significant initiatives that streamlined warehouse processes and optimised asset management systems. His role in implementing barcoding systems and refining asset management procedures has greatly enhanced JLL’s efficiency and effectiveness.

In his new role as Project Manager, Colegrove will oversee the design, organisation, planning, execution, and delivery of key projects, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish. His hands-on experience in managing teams and resources, honed during his time in warehouse and asset management roles, uniquely positions him to excel in this dynamic and challenging position.