Industry Professionals Are Joining the Club

Arkaos PRO has reported one of its busiest shows to date with a constant stream of visitors coming to discover the latest developments in ArKaos PRO software. The stand demonstrated the video mapping capabilities of the ArKaos PRO MediaMaster 4.2 software with an intricate array of 3-dimensional shapes outlined to perfection as projection surfaces.

Visitors were able to try MediaMaster out for themselves to understand just how easy it is to achieve complex results with ArKaos’ software and to put any questions to the ArKaos sales team first hand. The versatility of MediaMaster as a total solution-in-one software continued to impress everyone: visitors confirmed that ArKaos technology was fast, easy and comfortable to use, enabling anyone to work with it. They agreed that the ability to use flash files, and MediaMaster’s mapping features were great advantages, and even first time users claimed MediaMaster was easy to use and very simple to understand.

ArKaos PRO LEDMaster and the Kling-Net protocol were also put through their paces with an interactive set-up that showed visitors how easy it is to map, programme and play LED arrays using LEDMaster, proving that ArKaos PRO is a leader in the development of easy-to-use LED and video control.

A daily competition to find Europe’s fastest video mapper was carried out to illustrate just how simple ArKaos PRO MediaMaster is to operate. The three winners, who were all able to complete the task in under three minutes, each received a full ArKaos MediaMaster PRO licence worth €2,000. “Before trying the Video Mapper most visitors thought they would not able able to use it,” said ArKaos technical manager, Benjamin Bauwens. “But without exception, they were all surprised with the quality of the result and the rapidity with which they were able to achieve it. We were happy to hear them say they were very enthusiastic to use it more on their own productions.”

The full range of rock-solid ArKaos media servers, which includes the Stage, Studio and Stadium servers, were also presented in a stylish visual presentation on the booth. “Prolight + Sound was a big success for Arkaos and really showed how our technology has become an industry standard,” said ArKaos Managing Director, Agnes Wojewoda. “The number of ArKaos customers has grown spectacularly and we have many historical users who have been employing ArKaos technology since the early days. But we continue to attract many new users who are impressed by the flexibility, intuitive interface, accuracy of our mappers and the performance of our playbacks. We were very proud to hear so many say that, with LED and video control becoming the major technology in coming years, ArKaos technology is the future!

“The news of our collaboration with High End Systems to integrate the Auto-Patch feature into the Hog console range was received with great enthusiasm from lighting designers who now have a new, user-friendly way of working. “Our Kling-Net protocol has also progressed spectacularly with more and more major manufacturers integrating it into their products, citing Kling-Net as the best solution, backed by ArKaos’ excellent service and support. We are, of course, very happy to hear this and it inspires us to remain at the forefront of this technology. Arkaos will be exhibiting at a number of tradeshows this year so we look forward to seeing you all again soon.”