MagicDot-R Joins Top Acts At Swedish Music Festival

Photo: Ahmed Ziyad

Litecom Designer Mikkel Samuelsen worked with Ayrton’s MagicDot-R at the recent WKND Festival (WKND) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The festival, which also took place simultaneously in Finland and Estonia, boasted a line-up including Fatboy Slim, Tiësto, Example and Tigerlily.

Samuelsen was asked to create a design for the main WKND stage and chose Ayrton’s MagicDot-R as a major component of the main lighting scheme.

In total, 88 MagicDot-R fixtures were used for his design, each of which were fitted and mounted at a 90° angle into the audience-facing grid that flanked the stage, and was built using Litecom’s MX1 piping system.

The Ayrton luminaires were purchased by Litecom from Ayrton’s exclusive Danish distributor, Atendi A/S. Extra MagicDot-R fixtures were obtained from Motion in Germany, as many of Litecom’s MagicDot-Rs were already out on other festival tours.