HSL Group Invests in Chauvet Professional Fixtures

HSL Group invests in 100 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Washes

HSL Group Holdings has recently acquired Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional after making the decision to add 100 moving RGBW LED lights to its inventory in October 2018.

By the start of the holiday season, the company, which is one of the leading suppliers of design, technology, crew and production services to the entertainment industry, already had the fixture out on three of its 2018-19 pantomimes.

“The immediate response has been very positive,” said Simon Stuart, Managing Director of HSL Group Holdings: “We’ve even had a certain renowned theatre Lighting Designer comment that he didn’t want any other fixture except this in the future.”

This reaction comes as no surprise to Stuart and the HSL team. “We spent a great deal of time chatting with some of our strategic partners in the USA, and with various LDs,” he said: “Everyone was extremely positive about Chauvet and this fixture. We needed more large LED washes, and it became clear that the MK3 has all the bells and whistles. It’s extremely bright, is pixel mappable, has a great zoom, and its colour mixing is excellent.”

When he looked beyond the specific features of the Maverick MK3 Wash, Stuart was confident that Chauvet’s philosophy meshes nicely with the principles that have guided HSL Group Holdings to success.

“We like to offer our clients the best, most creative and flexible options,” he said: “From a commercial perspective when we commit to acquiring a large number of units like this, we need to ensure that we get an efficient ROI. We also need to know that the quality of the product is exceptional and that it has a reasonable longevity. They have the same values that are at the essence of HSL, so I feel really positive about developing relationships, both in the UK and USA.”

Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet, shares this enthusiasm: “HSL has built a successful business and established a sterling reputation by following the same core beliefs that have always guided Chauvet,”

He concluded: “Having an industry leader like HSL show this level of confidence in the Maverick MK3 Wash means a great deal to me and our team members who have worked to develop this product. We’re looking forward to moving ahead with HSL in the future.”