Hozier Takes Adlib to Tour

Liverpool-based production specialist Adlib kicked off a busy 2016 touring season with a number of great live artists, including award-winning Irish singer / songwriter Hozier, for which they provided audio, lighting and crew to the recent UK and European tour.

Adlib’s team of Sam Proctor and Terry Smith (sound), and Kevin Byatt and Jeff Bond (lights) worked closely with renowned Production Manager Sue ‘Duchess’ Iredale, Tour Manager Jake Ryan Foley, and the band’s FOH and Monitor Engineers, Gavin Muddiman and Darren Dunphy with Lighting Designer Matthew Kilmurry.

A L-Acoustics K2 system was specified for all the UK shows, and for the two largest European venues, Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall and Brussels Forest National, Adlib supplied a larger K1 system again from L-Acoustics. All the shows were sold out and highlights included three incredible back-to-back performances at London’s Brixton Academy.

The standard audio configuration for the larger UK shows was 12 L-Acoustics K2 speakers each side, with eight of L’Acoustics’ SB28 subwoofers stacked below, four L-Acoustics ARCS2’s each side and four L-Acoustics KARAs across the front of the stage for lip fills. This system gave plenty of volume and an even, clear sound for each of the rooms, which were modelled using Soundvision software. All K2 speakers were powered by 12 L-Acoustics LA8’s amplifiers per side. The signal was distributed via AES with analogue backup on one of Adlib’s digital return systems.

Adlib supplied the Avid Venue Profile FOH console, and Hozier toured their own stage package including IEMs and a compact Yamaha CL1 monitor desk. It also provided one of its famous MP3 subs for a bit of air movement behind the drummer, powered by a Labgruppen PLM 20K amp. Adlib organised a full support package – opening for the UK dates was the talented and talked-about Irish girl trio Wyvern Lingo – which included another Avid Profile console onstage.

Sam Proctor explained that the challenge “was the daily changing acoustics of the different venues. L-Acoustics’ K2 is an ideal speaker being a powerful and light-weight box to get around any potential weight issues in flying scenarios, and also capable of being closed up to 10 degrees for tight focussing that avoids balcony edges and other obstructions.”

The lighting rig was based on four 40ft over-stage straight trusses, which were mainly used for the Hozier backdrop. The back lighting truss was rigged with six Martin by Harman MAC Viper Profiles, six MAC Viper Washes, seven Clay Paky Mythos and four Atomic strobes. The mid truss featured another six Viper Profiles, six Viper Washes, six Mythos and six 4-cell molefays. On the front truss, six MAC Quantum Washes took care of the general stage coverage together with eight ETC Source Four 36 degree profiles and another six square 4-cell molefays. The floor package included another six Viper profiles arranged in a line upstage. These were joined by three Atomics and four MAC Aura LED wash fixtures tucked away in the downstage corners for low-level cross stage illumination.

The five Manfrotto stands were each rigged with a 2K Fresnel, three of which were located upstage for silhouetting band members and the other two downstage on the left and right. A final 4-cell molefay was also located upstage of the drum kit, together with four single PAR cans for additional backlight.

The production also brought in six pairs of its own custom vintage lights with glowing filaments. Kilmurry controlled all of this via an Avolites Sapphire Touch with an Avolites Pearl Expert Pro for backup, both connected via a fibre ArtNet system.

“It really was one of the best tours that I have done for some time in terms of the people involved, a great live show and really warm atmosphere with everyone in the touring party,” said Kevin Byatt.

Client Manager Phil Kielty commented: “Duchess trusted Adlib to deliver a stunning live show for Hozier. We pulled out all of the stops to ensure that both audio and lighting met the relevant briefs. Seeing the live show was so incredibly refreshing. They really have created a genuine touring family … and we are lucky to have been part of the experience.”