HOLOPLOT introduces Plan 2.0

HOLOPLOT has released the latest version of its sound system design software, Plan 2.0. The release introduces a cornerstone of the company’s second-generation software capabilities, kicked off by an upgrade to its operating system, OS2.0, earlier in the year.

Plan2.0 is now giving users access to new features and enhancements within the sound system design software itself.

“HOLOPLOT Plan serves as the gateway to HOLOPLOT’s revolutionary technology. Our unmatched steering capabilities provide previously inaccessible levels of sound control, allowing you to precisely tailor your system design, which can be visualised inside the software,” said Adele Gardner, Senior Product Manager for HOLOPLOT Plan. “Our aim is to make our unique capabilities easily accessible to our users. We offer the same, well-established and familiar workflows known within the industry, and combine them with our advanced 3D Audio-Beamforming capabilities, all accessible via an intuitive interface that makes it easier than ever to work with HOLOPLOT systems.”

Users can now create multiple presets within a single HOLOPLOT Plan project file. By switching presets, a user can change the entire beam layout, transforming the system, and venue,  from live performance to cinema, from single-language conference to multi-language conference with multiple zones ll with a single button click.

Users can now also generate an unlimited number of beams, all manageable through the new library view. All beams are optimised directly inside the software, making HOLOPLOT Plan an integral part of the HOLOPLOT workflow.

Real-time simulation and SPL heat maps: The integration of configuration and simulation into a single 3D view port allows for immediate feedback in real-time as well as adjustments, ensuring sound distribution and clarity.

“Holoplot technology allows users new levels of control over sound propagation through software, giving them a much higher degree of freedom,” concluded Gardner. “We see a broad range of applications that can benefit massively from this enhanced level of control and our design software is freely accessible to everyone. From those starting out with our systems who want to explore and produce quick and easy designs to learn about our system capabilities to expert users creating advanced designs – HOLOPLOT Plan 2.0 is designed for ultimate flexibility, capable of managing projects and sound systems of any size or complexity. With even more advanced sound control capabilities, this update promises to set a new standard in the audio industry.”

The latest version of HOLOPLOT Plan 2.0, as well as extensive learning materials and user guides, are available for download from the HOLOPLOT Hub.