HOF expands its company management team

HOF is expanding its company management team with Dennis Klostermann and Isabel Inclan joining the management team. Along with Managing Director and shareholder, Björn Heinzmann, they will lead the company as a trio.

Heinzmann will continue to manage the areas of technology and finance. Klostermann, who has been with HOF since 2006 and was previously Key Account Manager, will be responsible for Sales and Product Development.

Isabel Inclan was previously in charge of Marketing and will now represent the Marketing and Human Resources departments.

Hans-Wilhelm Flegel, who founded HOF 25 years ago, is retiring from management and operations, but will remain with the company in an advisory role. “I am pleased that a new generation is now taking over the company management at HOF. I am even more pleased that we have been able to develop the two new leaders within the company and that they are now ready for their new tasks,” he said.

Heinzmann adds that it was important to him to manage the company as a triumvirate in the future so that the respective areas get the focus they need, and new impulses and ideas can be developed as a trio in the future.