HOF develops and installs the Meta Cube Stage for KARPE

For the Oslo shows of the Norwegian hip-hop group KARPE, the artists wanted a flying stage as a main element for the show. Already in 2017, the group had used a flying stage made by HOF. But for their 2022 shows in Oslo, the artists wanted to top it and make the stage an integral part of their show.

This time, it was not about a simple flown stage area like in 2017. This time, the flying stage got a moveable hood in the sizes of approximately 12 by 12 by 3.5 metres: the Meta Cube.

In order to address the technical challenges, the Norwegian production company Spectre reached out to their German partner HOF to design and install this special stage.

The complete flown construction was covered with plexiglass plates and a diffusion film which causes the cube to become transparent or in a frosted glass look. This allowed the group to make changes on the stage during the show without anyone noticing.

Inside the cube was a 2.5 x 2.5m lifting platform, which could be moved up, and which enabled the artists to perform not only inside the cube, but also on the upper platform of the cube above the band.

The Meta Cube was an integral part of the light and sound design.

The static challenge was to lift the hood with as few motor hoists as possible, as these do not necessarily improve the design of the construction. But it was not only a matter of lifting the cube, but also the complete technology inside, consisting of moving lights, LED bars, special effects etc. The construction weighed approximately 14 tons including technology, which is why 16 x C1 hoists of 2 tons each were used, as the weights were of course not 100% evenly distributed in the construction.

To save weight, HOF used 10mm plexi panels on the sides and 20mm plexiglass for the horizontal podium surface.

As substructure, HOF used the popular MLT² pre rig truss, the HOFBOLT 200-2 Grid Truss and a special version of the HOFFORK 350-4 with lateral outlets to the MLT² pre rig truss and integrated hanging points. This means that almost only standard components were used, enabling their Norwegian partner Spectre to re-use the material after the KARPE shows for other productions.

For the assembly of the structure, HOF took advantage of the function of their MLT² dollies. The complete 12 x 12 metre platform was assembled in parallel with the rigging work, but at a completely different location in the venue. This allowed the “hood team” to work in parallel to the riggers, who set the hanging points and rigs directly above the final position of the stage area and hood. The complete platform was then pushed and flown to its destination upon completion, so that the 3m side walls could then be assembled.