Hippotizer Boreal+ MK2 pumps up Puerto Rico’s Latin Urban Music Awards

Photo: JMT Show Concepts

The Latin Urban Music Awards were held in front of an audience of 18,000 and streamed worldwide, with two Green Hippo Hippotizer Boreal+ MK2 Media Servers powering visuals for multiple wraparound LED screens that act as a backdrop for the event.

Florida-based production house JMT Show Concepts was commissioned by Sora & Company, Producer Soraya Sanchez, and the Telemundo TV network to create and provide all of the content visuals for the event.

Owner of JMT, Jorge Toro commented: “Award shows are very intense because you have to do content, show looks and programming in such a short time. For this project it was just six days.” JMT quickly overcame this issue due to the new Boreal+ MK2 model: “The magic is how fast that it is, with the 10G network connection to upload content and the ability to convert files to FlexRes in much less time, the power of the media servers was a major upgrade this year and we had a blast working with the MK2 models.” Toro iterated.

Using two V4 Boreal+ MK2 Media Servers, driving data via two 4K60 outputs from their switcher matrix to LED processors, controlling the visuals with Zookeeper and a motorised MIDI controller to create a standout performance from younger Latin Urban artists to honour and pay tribute to those who paved the way for them.

Toro explained: “For this moment, we had to put a live feed on six of the tv screens across the stage layered with different effects, each image would look different. Using Hippotizer we could programme and accommodate everything we needed without losing performance, using a total of 12 layers.”

The creatives for the award show were provided by Juan Garcia, whilst JMT delivered the video content and production, LED logistics, raster graphics and crew also providing timecode distribution for lighting and video.

Toro served as Programmer and Crew Chief for the awards, partnered with Mauricio Caicedo as Assistant Programmer and Media Server Tech with Edwin Rivera as Chief Animator and Content Producer. Also focusing on its delivery, Project Manager Rosario Toro and LED Engineering delivered by Natanael Mora.

Having recently opened an office in Puerto Rico, Toro emphasises: “We’re increasing the presence of the Hippotizer brand.” with the awards playing a beneficial part within this Toro amplified his gratitude.: “Special thanks to Lighting Design, Sora and Company, Soraya Sanchez, ACME Productions and Tony Parodi, Marcelo Gana, Juan Garcia, Danny Lugo, Wichie Sound and LED Video Rentals” he concluded.