High Res and Brompton Technology celebrate seven years of collaboration

This year marks the seventh anniversary of the collaborative relationship between independent design practice, High Res, and manufacturer of LED video processing products for the film, broadcast and live events industries, Brompton Technology.

From major spectacle broadcast events to international touring theatre shows, High Res has cemented its place as an independent design practice. The company’s move into Virtual Production circa 2016 includes world recognised productions such as Netflix’s Nightflyers series; Apple TV’s Foundation Season 1 and Prime Video’s Modern Love Season 2. For all of these, High Res has utilised Brompton’s Tessera LED processing, which has been a companion to the company’s spectrum of client work.

“We were first introduced to Brompton processing when working on broadcast shows such as The Voice over 10 years ago with their original M2 processor, but we had worked with a number of the Brompton team in their previous roles at groundbreaking companies like Element Labs and Projected Image Digital,” commented Peter Canning, Emmy Award-winning Lighting Designer.

“What struck us the most was how similar both High Res and Brompton were in their approach to their clients, and their devotion to innovation and products of quality. Our teams have jointly presented new workflows directly to DPs, DITs, Production Designers, Art Directors, VFX producers and supervisors during the testing phases of productions, and Brompton’s deep knowledge and understanding of the Virtual Production pipeline is fundamental in creating confidence in the workflows,” explained Canning.

With the film industry being one of the most demanding environments for LED screens, having a reliable processing system offers a great deal of flexibility on-set, according to Canning: “With Brompton HDR technology, Livegrade integration and the evolving feature set of their Tessera software, we have a proven workflow which delivers the exact colour reproduction our clients are looking for, offering a new level of visual storytelling. Our approach to Virtual Production has come from our in-camera lighting experience, and thus the colour science pipeline and brightness control is extremely important to us,” he adds. “And with recent product launches such as the new G1 receiver card and TrueLight®, Brompton have expanded their offerings to DPs and DITs,” Canning enthused.

“We are delighted and honoured to be celebrating seven years of successful collaboration with High Res,” concluded Rob Fowler, Director of Business Development at Brompton.

“Investing in strong, long-term business relationships with our customers has always been our key objective, one we have been passionately following for over 10 years. We hope that our on-going pursuit to deliver cutting-edge LED video processing solutions and new Tessera features will continue enabling companies like High Res to deliver their clients’ creative visions.”