HARMAN Professional Solutions Releases Soundcraft Ui24R 3.0 Firmware Update

Free download adds cascading functionality, cue recalls, intuitive lighting control and expanded touchscreen support

HARMAN Professional Solutions will debut a significant free update to the Soundcraft Ui24R surfaceless mixer and multitrack digital recorder at the 2019 NAMM Show.

Top functionality added by the Soundcraft Ui24R 3.0 Firmware Update includes:

Cascade enables users to connect two  Soundcraft Ui24R via Ethernet to double their mixing capability by enabling a new 32 by 32 bi-directional audio bus between consoles. Users can easily switch between Host and Remote units with a single click on Soundcraft Ui24R’s HTML5 screen user interface. Common applications of this new functionality include: doubling mic inputs, by adding a second Soundcraft Ui24R as a submixer, routed into the main Soundcraft Ui24R; and utilising two Soundcraft Ui24R mixers to create two fully independent mixes, each with dedicated EQ/Gate/Compression, for example when mixing FOH and monitors, or creating independent FOH and streaming live recording mixes.

Cue Recall
Soundcraft Ui24R’s new Cue feature enables the saving and fast recall of mix settings. While recalling Cues, Soundcraft Ui24R can block any changes to routing or processor types, which enables seamless operation, an essential during low volume events, for example, while mixing for theatre.

UDP Lighting Control
A new UDP view in the Soundcraft Ui24R HTML 5 interface adds simple buttons to send industry-standard UDP commands over Ethernet to external gear including lighting software or hardware lighting controllers. A valuable use for this feature is to trigger pre-set lighting cues, which is perfect for community theatres, churches or corporate presentation settings where the Sound Engineers or volunteers might not have lighting experience.

Lexicon Reverb PreDelay
The embedded Lexicon processing in Soundcraft Ui24R is now enhanced with Reverb Pre-Delay, allowing users to easily set the time before first surface reflections and more quickly simulate desired acoustic environments.

Big Desktop
The new Big Desktop INFO view adds provide a bird’s-eye view of the entire Soundcraft Ui24R mix environment, represented as a single large console surface. Users can see graphics of their gate, compressor, EQ curve, FX and Aux sends, and jump between controls for editing with simple double-clicks. This feature is designed for use on 1080p resolutions screens.

Expanded Touch Screen Support 
Users now have more options for touchscreen control of Soundcraft Ui24R with more than 25 leading touchscreens, which directly connect to the Soundcraft Ui24R via HDMI and USB.

HARMAN is demonstrating the newly updated Soundcraft Ui24R in Booth #14508 at NAMM 2019. The 3.0 Firmware Update is available now and free to download for registered Soundcraft Ui24R users.