Hall & Oates Tour Features Solaris Mozart Fixtures

Photo: Greg Cristman

The Hall & Oates 2016 tour kicked off this year at New York’s Madison Square Garden and will continue through the summer.

Nashville based Morris, in collaboration with famed designer Jesper Luth, provided the production and lighting design, which features 140 Solaris Mozart fixtures.

“While these lights are small in scale, they make an incredible impact, encompassing both performers in light and creating a warm, asymmetrical backdrop for the show,” said Jessica Charlton of Morris.

The Mozart fixtures also made an appearance when Morris provided lighting and audio for the 2016 NHL All-Star Weekend in January.

At five by five inches and weighing less than two pounds, the lightweight Mozart fixture fits in the palm of the hand and has settings from three to 48 DMX channels, with one, four, or 16 RGB pixel groups per fixture. The IP65 fixture has a refresh rate of 38kHz.