H.A.S Productions Expands VUE Inventory Amidst Growing Demand

Las Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions has once again expanded its VUE inventory with the purchase of 24 additional al-12 line array elements. The new systems join a sizeable VUE inventory comprised of al-12, al-8, and al-4 line arrays, as well as hs-Class ACM subwoofers, VUEDrive Systems Engines, and a broad selection of both a-Class and h-Class high definition systems.

H.A.S. Productions President, Larry Hall, cited a growing awareness for VUE’s flagship systems as a key factor driving additional investment in the brand. “Our business is booming, and at the same time, awareness and demand for the VUE line arrays are also on the rise. This expansion ensures that we’re able to more easily address the market across multiple simultaneous event sites – especially during peak weeks.”

H.A.S. Productions was an early member of the VUE line array network. The Las Vegas-based team has spent the last four years deploying various configurations of al-Class arrays and hybrid CST array clusters for artists such as Bell Biv Devoe, Gladys Knight, One Republic, TLC, Barenaked Ladies, Pepe Augulir, REO Speedwagon and several large festivals where the VUE solution led the charge.

For their debut performance, H.A.S. deployed their newest al-Class systems for R&B legend Brian McKnight at Primm, Nevada’s Star of the Desert Arena on April 13. The final configuration took full advantage of VUE’s innovative Continuous Source Topology (CST), which allowed al-12 and al-8 acoustic elements to be seamlessly combined into hybrid arrays for improved coverage, sightlines and reduce weight. Left and right CST clusters incorporated eight al-12 elements above four medium format al-8 elements for down fill. Dual VUE al-4 arrays provided side fill. VUEDrive V6 series and V4 series Systems Engines provided all power and processing, while fully-optimised DSP ensured easy setup and deployment of the CST combo arrays via SystemVUE software.

“Like countless shows before, the VUE arrays simply owned it,” concluded Hall. “We trust this system to always deliver exceptional clarity, output, and control. Regardless of act or venue, my team knows that the VUE systems will always deliver tremendous output, clarity, and control, with minimal or no tweaking. And when support is needed, the VUE team is always accessible and ready to help. It’s the type of results and relationship I wish I had with all my brands.”