Guns N’ Roses tour with Austrian Audio microphones

Richard Fortus, Dave Natale with the OC18

Guns N’ Roses have been touring the world this year, delivering shows throughout North America and with them on tour is FOH Engineer, Dave Natale, who has used Austrian Audio microphones for two of the most recent Rolling Stones tours.

Natale employed Austrian Audio OC18 precision microphones for overheads and CC8 true condenser microphones on the hi-hat, ride cymbal and cowbell on drummer Frank Ferrer’s kit.

Not only are these Vienna, Austria-made mics delivering on the drums, but Richard Fortus, Guns N’ Roses guitarist, also liked what he hears: “Dave put the Austrian Audio mics on my amps when he started with us. I have been so impressed with the sound of the OC18 on my Magnatone amps live that I had to try them in my studio as well. I’m blown away by the detail and warmth. An absolute classic.”