Green Hippo’s Hippotizer V4.5 Comes Alive at Prolight+Sound 2019

Green Hippo is constantly improving the Hippotizer software, the latest version on display at Prolight+Sound adds two widely requested features: Object to Output and BeatBridge as well as a host of smaller fixes and improvements.

Object to Output is a new way to manage displays in Hippotizer. Working within the powerful 3D toolset of SHAPE, Object to Output enables a surface in the 3D world to be sent directly to a physical output. In conjunction with new texture mappers, mix-modes and composition system, Object to Output introduces a new workflow for display management in Hippotizer. Seamlessly integrate moving set elements, map a single video across many displays and dynamically adjust the perspective of content easily thanks to Object to Output.

In addition, V4.5 introduces BeatBridge, a new component that simplifies programming by allowing Hippotizer parameters to react to audio input. It’s a fast and easy way to create, in real-time, sound reactive effects. BeatBridge operates as part of the preset system, ensuring compatibility with external controllers such as Midi and DMX.

Montane+ RTX is a new version of the tried and true Montane+ Media Server. Using the very latest computer technology, Montane+ RTX offers unmatched Notch performance, scoring up to 38,500 Notchmarks. Offering two Display Port 1.2 outputs, up to 8 channels of live capture and an included 2-year Notch Playback License, the Montane+ RTX is the go-to generative media server.

Axis is a new fibre-optic based automatic alignment system designed by Green Hippo offering an alternative to existing camera-based alignment systems. Axis offers key advantages compared to a camera-based system including the ability to handle complex 3D models, faster line-up, high tolerance of ambient light levels and no need to maintain cameras. Axis is ideal for automatically aligning projection onto complex set pieces and models such as those found in theatre, museums and theme parks. Seamlessly integrated with Hippotizer 3D toolset SHAPE, Axis can be quickly added to existing Hippotizer projects to automate the projector alignment process.