GLP Generates PURfect Schalke Show

Lighting Designer, Günter Jäckle drew on the power of German Light Product’s GT-1, with 70 heads set around the centre stage, to support the 6 musicians of PUR during their PUR & Friends concert.

A gigantic, one-off concert provided the answer, as for the 6th time at the Veltins Arena, 65,000 PUR fans flocked to the concert featuring collaborations from Andreas Bourani, Daniel Wirtz, comedian Bülent Ceylan and Max Giesinger.

The sold-out arena played host to Jäckle and his team, the former a permanent fixture of the Swabians for many years, having designed an extra classy lighting concept. The walkways to the audience and the entire stage were lined with GLP GT-1 hybrid luminaires, which plunged the arena into a sea of colour.

Despite its comparatively compact appearance, the GLP GT-1 Hybrid remained the first choice for use in large venues such as the Veltins Arena. Due to its Baseless design, the fixture takes up little space on the stage and can be easily integrated into a set design. At the same time, the 440W discharge lamp, together with the optimised optics, also offered a remarkable output, a rich colour palette plus white, and last but not least a wide aperture range from Wash to Beam, with a zoom range of 3.5° to 56.7°.

“This lamp is simply good,” stated Jäckle, having already used a larger number of the spotlights from the Karlsbad manufacturer in the spring 2017, during the tour of German rock legend Udo Lindenberg. For the show in Schalke, he specified an additional 70 pieces.

The technical production, undertaken by epicto GmbH from Edingen-Neckarhausen, played a decisive role, and also set new standards for PUR. PRG from Hamburg, a long-standing dry hire partner, provided part of the GLP GT-1 inventory and other equipment. “Based on availability we can say that the GLP GT-1 has really arrived on the market,” concluded Tom Kaczmarek of PRG. “These lamps are constantly out on jobs.”