Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale shines brightly with Modulo Pi’s media servers

Photo: Geoffrey Hubbel

Initiated by the DJ and Producer Michael Canitrot, The Monumental Tour offers a unique experience blending electro music and digital art, in the core of emblematic heritage sites. The Monumental Tour wrapped up its 2023 tour with a special date in Genoa, Italy.

Attended by 10.000 people, the show took place in the heart of the city, with a spectacular video mapping on the Palazzo Ducale – Doge’s Palace. A strong partner in the project, AV EXTENDED is entrusted with the visual and lighting design to sublimate the exceptional sites serving as backdrops for the Monumental Tour. In Genoa, the company made a 3D scan of the historic building.

The 3D model obtained was used to make a 3D projection study and simulation of the mapping show using Modulo Pi’s Modulo Kinetic’s dedicated tools. When the study was complete, the technical team then worked with one Modulo Player media server.

The platform allowed mapping the Doge’s Palace using the X-Map function, and powered the two RQ32 and two RQ35 Panasonic projectors used to illuminate the historic building.