GCC virtual production studio unveiled, with INFiLED screens

In November 2022, Gwangju Contents Cube (GCC), dedicated to creating digital cultural content, held an opening ceremony in Gwangju, South Korea. As a brand-new professional virtual production studio, GCC is equipped with many high-tech facilities, which include a virtual filming space built with INFiLED’s LED screens.

For virtual production, it is crucial to clearly and accurately present the virtual scenes applying quality LED screens, which is beneficial to establish an early advantage for subsequent filming and rendering. Therefore, from the beginning of preparing its studio, GCC set up a partnership with INFiLED whose screens can meet its expectations and has a wealth of experience in building great virtual filming spaces.

When designing the display scheme of their studio, the GCC creative team described their vision to INFiLED, that is, to create a semi-enclosed filming space, composed of an LED backdrop, LED ceiling, and LED floor. In doing so, it is convenient for the post-production team to efficiently produce XR (extended reality) content based on the scenes presented by the LEDs. In response to the needs of GCC, INFiLED supplied different series of screens suitable for each surface of the space.

In the part of the LED backdrop, INFiLED built a 180m2 DB series screen for GCC. With a pixel pitch of merely 2.6mm, the screen performed well in the clarity of content presentation; besides, it also featured a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 and 16-bit greyscale, which can display vivid and abundant color gradients. Based on the characteristics of high-definition and delicate color rendering, this giant screen greatly assisted GCC in accurately presenting its creative backdrop designs.

For the floor, GCC applied the DFII series with the same contrast ratio and grayscale as its backdrop; the LED floor had a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, supporting smooth and efficient graphics rendering, and playing a key functional role in extending the backdrop sceneries. While, for the LED ceiling, the AR series was adopted; the ceiling’s calibrated brightness reached 1200nits and was adjustable from 0 to 100% with 256 levels, perfectly simulating the changing luminosity of the actual sky.

After all the INFiLED screens were built, GCC cooperated with several cultural content companies to use its own virtual filming space to meet various content creation needs. It is worth looking forward to the cultural content produced by GCC when cutting-edge facilities and creativity are combined.