French Rapper, Soprano, embraces KLANG

In June last year French rap superstar Soprano began a tour for the promotion of his latest album Chasseurs d’Étoiles and utilised a KLANG system.

Live Sound Engineer Pascal Rossi, who has been with Soprano since 2003, initially introduced the system during show rehearsals, and since then had utilised the in-ear monitor immersive mixing technology throughout the tour.

Rossi outlined how Soprano’s stage setup has evolved significantly over the year’s from relying on wedges for monitoring, to transitioning to in-ear monitors to: “Now having an Ableton rig on stage, controlled by two musicians and a DJ.”

The introduction of the KLANG system in 2021 brought a “remarkable shift” in the overall sound experience, Rossi recalled: “I was testing the KLANG:fabrik during a festival tour and was immediately impressed by the enhanced clarity in the mixes.”

Rossi explained: “The integration was seamless, For the Chasseur d’Étoiles tour I used a DiGiCo SD7 and an Orange box with a DMI-KLANG. We had 62 channels running through the DMI-KLANG, distributed across 11 different mixes.”

“Everyone is really pleased with the KLANG system,” concluded Rossi. “It has provided Soprano and his musicians a much-needed sense of space in the monitor mix, resulting in a more natural soundscape. Why on earth would we ever change that?” 

Since March of 2023, Soprano and his dedicated production team have hit the road once again, embarking on an exciting journey across France, armed with their DMI-KLANG for a series of 70 shows. Rossi noted that the notion of reverting to traditional stereo mixes was swiftly dismissed, thanks to the resounding and unanimous feedback received from the entire crew.