Fourier Audio’s transform.engine now available

Fourier Audio and DiGiCo announced that they would be releasing the transform.engine, an new Dante-connected server designed to run VST3-native software plugins in live environments in October 2023. Six months later, the two companies announced that the transform.engine is now available for purchase through leading pro audio dealers worldwide.

Accolades for the new product have come from many FOH engineers and heads of sound, Jamie Tinsley,for Fred Again commented: “Finally, someone has made a product that the industry has long been waiting for. Although using a version without all of the features yet enabled, I was able to run my plugins non-stop for an entire month with no issues, no audio dropouts, and next to zero latency, flipping the bypass in and out on my Quantum338 without hearing any timing slip. It’s clear that the box is stable, and I’ve already bought one for myself. Super-excited!”

Tony Smith, for Coldplay, added “It’s been a pleasure working with Fourier Audio over the past few months beta testing the transform.engine. The ability to run any plugin, beyond Waves, is exciting to say the least, and also being able to integrate it into our DiGiCo workflow is a game-changer. It gives us the ability to take any studio tool out on the road.”

“We are thrilled to have received such wonderful feedback from our beta testers during the past few months and are eager to make the transform.engine available to engineers worldwide,” commented Fourier Audio Co-founder Henry Harrod. “We look forward to seeing how creatives utilise it effectively and harness the capabilities of the very best audio plugins for their projects.”

“The Fourier Audio and DiGiCo teams have eagerly anticipated the widespread release of the transform.engine, and we can’t wait for the live production communities to finally have the pleasure of reliably bringing their favourite studio processing to tours and events,” added DiGiCo Managing Director Austin Freshwater. “The engineers that were given an early test drive of the product have all come back with fantastic compliments, and we know that this system is going to soon put smiles on a lot of faces at front of house.”

Housed in a 2U touring-grade chassis with dual redundant power supplies, the new transform.engine is a Dante-connected server designed to run VST3-native software plugins in a live environment, bringing studio software to live sound and broadcast applications.

The new Fourier Audio device is fully capable of operating in conjunction with virtually any professional digital console on the market via Dante, using the Windows/macOS application to control the engine.

The transform.engine can also process audio standalone with no computer required. Controlled remotely by a Windows/macOS application, with plugin user interfaces “teleported” and controlled in ultra-low-latency over the network.