FIX8Group Expands Dry Hire Division

Visual production expert FIX8Group is expanding its dry hire division with the addition of a wealth of new products under the direction of the company’s Technical Director, Nick Charalampidis.

Charalampidis, who has been with FIX8Group since early 2013, is now responsible for enhancing the division’s dry hire inventory with industry-leading products, carefully selected to suit almost all requirements.

“Before joining FIX8Group I worked with Green Hippo for five years, so my knowledge of Hippotizer servers and software is second to none,” said Charalampidis. “I am adding an array of Green Hippo kit to our stock, including the Boreal, Karst and Amba servers, with the new, powerful, v4 software.”

FIX8Group’s technical mission is to always give the best service possible – to supply servers set up in the correct way and loaded with the right software to suit the user’s requirements, and to provide help and assistance whenever and wherever needed.

“In addition, we’re increasing our stock of d3 servers, to include the flagship d3 4x4pro, which is capable of four 4K outputs or sixteen HD outputs,” added Charalampidis. ” We’re very proud to have two d3 Studios within the company and to offer in-depth experience of d3 operation and setup to help any project.”

FIX8 has also recently invested in Dataton Watchout for both hire and internal events, expanding its service and rental offering with customised racks.

“FIX8 continues to expand our media server variety and knowledge across many systems to stay at the forefront of the industry, something which I’m thrilled to drive forward,” said Charalampidis.

The team is also charged with staying cutting edge with control desk solutions, including MA Lighting’s GrandMA2 full size, light and fade wing desks and PC software. Alongside this, the associated infrastructure is available, including dual link 16-way and 8-way matrices, 16-way DVI matrices, 4K PPU and much more.

“Our vision is to provide kit attuned to a truly 4K workflow,” added Charalampidis. “We’re aiming for dry hire excellence, and nothing less.

“I’m excited to further strengthen FIX8’s position in the dry hire market and building on our strong relationships with both end users and our brands.”